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Verity – Your on-demand IT consultant

Verity offers its customers advisory and implementation services on technology and processes in the field of Finance. We have 3 areas of focus:

  • SAP Consulting: Consult and implement improvement to existing ERP processes and technologies in business
  • IT Consulting: Consult and implement technologies that integrate with your mainstream ERP technology solution
  • Business Process Management: Consult our customers in managing and implementing BPM products in their organisation.


Implement improvements to existing ERP processes and technologies

Technology or process solution implemented a few years or even a few months ago may not adapt easily to newer and more dynamic business conditions. Customers are usually faced with choice of working in an inflexible system or with re-implementing new technologies even before they have realised the returns on their existing investments.


However, in many cases, it might be possible to fine-tune the solution to execute structural changes to the existing solution. This requires a careful analysis of the subject matter and methodical planning and execution of the solution. The key is to minimise risk to existing landscape and to provide the changes in as close to business-as-usual environment as possible. The key to measuring success is to monitor the benefits that have flowed from the changes.


Verity has experience in deploying structural changes in a productive environment. Verity specialises in fine-tuning and perfecting the solution – this would magnify the return on the original investment in the technology. It provides resources to implement, train, and deploy changes to the existing solution.


Verity works closely with Quality Systems & Software (QS&S) in implementing their System Data Re-Organisation Optimiser (SDRO). A brief list of the type of SAP customers who would benefit from this service:

  1. Client went live with a 4 or 5 digit chart of accounts (length of G/L account number) and now financial reporting is restricted and they want to move to a 6 or 8 digit chart of accounts.
  2. Client went live with different charts of accounts per company code making consolidation difficult and now want to standardize on a single global chart of accounts
  3. Client who did not activate group currency for company codes when they went live and now have issues with consolidated financial statements or are looking to move to New-GL to meet IFRS (international Financial Reporting Standards) requirements and cannot get the required reporting without GC being active
  4. Client whose initial CO configuration was one controlling area per company code and now realize they need one consolidated controlling areas to better report financial transactions and to support cross-company controlling transactions
  5. Client whose system has grown through the conversion of multiple legacy systems onto SAP with no effort at master data standardization, e.g. multiple formats for material number, customer number etc. and they want this master data standardized in ECC
  6. Client who has a complex system environment, e.g. turn on profit center valuation of inventory (Material Ledger functionality) post go-live and needs to coordinate alignment of valuation types across GL, CO, ML & PCA

Implement technologies that integrate with your mainstream ERP technology

Verity consultants are SAP Certified Professionals who have implemented SAP solutions and SAP Solution extensions that seamlessly integrate with existing or proposed design. Some such solutions include tools that enable Vendor Invoice processing using scanning technologies, solutions that provide eBanking in compliance with SoX, and test tools that provide integrity and stress test the proposed SAP solution. We believe that deploying these add-ons improve significantly the way our customers conduct their business and would improve the speed at which information is processed.



Verity provides vertical integration consulting services in various technologies, some of which are:

  • Vendor Invoice scanning technologies to the procure to pay process
  • eBanking technologies to the Treasury process
  • HP QC Test Management solutions to the test and acceptance phase of an implementation
  • SAP Solution Manager to process design, documentation and delivery of the SAP solution
  • ARIS BPM tool to SAP processes and SAP Solution Manager
  • HP Loadrunner solution to stress testing the infrastructure of the solution and also integrating with HP QC






Verity provides horizontal integration consulting services in SAP ERP environment, whereby we can efficiently and seamlessly integrate non-Financial processes with Finance process to yield an end-to-end process result.













Consult our customers in managing and implementing BPM products

With ERP products maturing in several organisations globally, it is appropriate to review the Business Processes and optimise process cost within. Do your processes align with KPIs? Do your KPIs align with your overall strategic objective? Are your business and your IT functions aligned to working towards a common goal? With BPM products improving technologically and offering advanced features of performance management, ACM (adaptive case management), CEP (Complex event processing), it is the right time to look at re-adapting your existing technology to processes.



Specialist advisory and deployment services

  • Verity provides specialised consulting services to the Oil & Gas and Manufacturing industry and Government sector in the field of Finance.
  • Verity provides niche consulting services in the SAP modules of Management Accounting and Reporting (Production costing, Profit Centre Accounting, Transfer Pricing, SAP Material Ledger) and in the SAP modules for Oil Industry (Joint Venture Accounting, Production Sharing Contracts).
  • Verity has experience in implementing SAP solutions in newGL.
  • Verity provides consulting services in vertical and horizontal integration of Finance processes.