Our mission is to provide solutions that integrate Finance processes horizontally and vertically; and provide a robust and an end-to-end automated solution to our customers.

We believe that in providing integrated technology solutions, we will empower our customers to achieve more at lower marginal costs. It will amplify the productivity of our customers and will enable them to achieve success in an ever-competitive market place.

We, at Verity, believe we have the experience to make success happen for our customers. This belief comes from our track record of successfully engaging customers in their pursuit of the best-of-class business solutions. We believe that this search with Verity is short because of our past experience; and fruitful because we do not simply deliver an end-result, but strive to deliver value-added service that earns us the trust and confidence of our customers. Our mission is to use our experience to gain the trust of our customers and to successfully deliver simple, workable solutions to complex business scenarios.

Verity offers its customers advisory and implementation services on technology and processes in the field of Finance. We have 3 areas of focus:

  • SAP Consulting: Consult and implement improvement to existing ERP processes and technologies in business
  • IT Consulting: Consult and implement technologies that integrate with your mainstream ERP technology solution
  • Business Process Management: Consult our customers in managing and implementing BPM products in their organisation.