SAP Consulting

Verity Business Solutions Pty Ltd is a consulting company offering SAP Solutions to a wide variety of clientele in the manufacturing, commercial, public sector, oil and gas, and high-tech industries worldwide.

Our provision of service to clients has contributed to several of our long-term partnership in all sectors from micro to very large corporations globally.  Our team of certified SAP Professionals works with clients on various projects and ensures they attain their highest potential in business through cost effective measures.

Our SAP Services

Our SAP consulting division offers our clientele a wide range of services ranging from change to overall project management.  It covers all areas of organizational functions and is not limited to customer service, human resource management, finance, marketing and production.

By keenly assessing our client’s business operations and identifying their specific requirements, our team of experts design customized SAP services that meet these needs.  These enhance their operations in such a way that they are able to attain the project objectives.

Mandatory quality assurance of the system and SAP training of staff is undertaken by our experts to ensure the program meets the required standards before execution and all staff is empowered to use the software.

We have a team of experienced professionals with Project Management certification who have excel as project managers, and ensure that the implementation and upgrade of a clients system is done within the specified time and with the available resources.

We provide maintenance services after the implementation followed by consultations whenever required by the client.

Our Process Improvement practice works closely with clients who are powered by SAP but face inflexible processes or legacy technologies. The Process Improvement team works to isolate the processes or technologies that need control; and in collaboration with the client adjust the process or technology to enable it to work in cohesion with the overall landscape.

Our IT practice helps client integrate their SAP technical and functional landscape with productivity enhancing tools. Such tools integrate vertically or horizontally with the SAP functionalities.


Why you should partner with us

Qualified, experienced and certified human capital is the first thing we bring on board at the inception of an implementation project; they support the implementation through to the transition from the old system to SAP and ensure that the new system is fully owned and understood by the users.

Our SAP team provides maintenance and are always on call 24 hours to ensure that our client’s operations are not disrupted at any time.  Our tailor made SAP courses are simplified to enable users understand this package.

Based on our expertise and many years of experience in this field, we are able to offer advice to our clients and provide solutions that give them an edge over their competitors.  Once they outsource the management of their SAP system to Verity Business Solutions, we give them the freedom to do what they know best as we embark on supporting the SAP infrastructure to amplify the productivity of the client’s business.