Business Process Management

Dynamic business conditions require businesses to frequently adapt their strategic vision and goals. However, many businesses have realised that a change to strategic vision does not always translate to changes in operational processes supporting this vision. Over a period of time, the agility of business process to adapt to changes in strategic goals is greatly reduced. This misalignment is the cause of many businesses failing to achieve their targets – business people work in silos rarely interacting with IT people; operational people engage in business processes not correlated to goals pursued by strategic people. As businesses grow, the top-down business chain becomes large and unwieldy.

Business Process Management is a holistic approach to improve business process efficiency, and effectiveness by enabling collaboration between various levels of business people and IT and aligning the strategic goals to operational processes. This collaboration and alignment improves the visibility of the impact of change to business goals on processes.

With the advent of sophisticated technologies and networks, it is viable to create a set of business processes aligned to business vision and goals; managed through Business Process Management (BPM) life cycle. BPM life cycle comprises the top level vision, the operational processes, the technologies to implement these processes, the continuous monitoring tool; and the governance technologies to help control, refine and re-engineer processes.


Business Process Management

Business Process Management


BPM life cycle starts with top business management strategising the organisation’s vision, mission, goals and objectives. These objectives are broken down to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

These set of performance measures are operationalised to business processes. This is achieved by designing the Business processes; and then modelling those processes using BPM technology suites; thus linking these process models to KPIs and strategic vision. Once the business processes are modelled, these are implemented as executable and automated IT processes.

The processes and performance measures are controlled through a dashboard comprising KPIs / metrics that will continuously monitor deviations and performance of processes against original set of goals.

BPM life cycle is governed using an over-arching governance technology to ensure integrity of processes and changes.

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Verity Business Solutions have experienced Business Process Management consultants can help you manage, advice, and implement BPM life-cycle:

  • Process Transformation: from Vision to Design
  • Process Automation: from Design to Execute
  • Process Intelligence: from Automation to Performance Monitoring

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We are a group of accomplished and experienced Business Management consultants who have implemented Business Process Management at several client sites. Business Process Management life cycle has three entry points listed above and we can help implement BPM life cycle at all or any of these three entry points. We are partnered with BPM life cycle software vendors and can bring the right technologies and best practices within your industry as a springboard to faster and more successful process and IT implementation.