1. Hi Rajesh,

    Your blogs have helped me understand the other perspectives of the concepts.
    I always enjoy reading them.

    For this particular article on ‘Default Account Assignment vs Automatic Account Assignment’ is my following understanding correct ?

    Using default account assignment at cost element has a limitation , in the sense, it’s done at a controlling area which i feel is more generic . Considering this do you think it’s better to use OKB9 instead if you have a more specific requirement for each company code ?
    Also do you think if there any other important considerations if one is using NewGL Doc Split ?

    Thanks and regards,

    • Hi Sumesh
      I do not think there is any specific consideration for newGL. Principles are the same.


  2. Hi Rajesh,

    Thank you very much for the useful information you share in your blogs. I was confused regarding the automatic vs. default account assignment for Cost Elements. In your blog you say that Default has priority over the Automatic assignment in OKB9. However in one of the Exam questions from SAP the answer is exactly the opposite. To find out the correct answer I have tested myself in our sandbox system.

    I have found out that the Automatic Account Assignment in OKB9 takes priority over the Default in the Cost Element master data. I thought it would be nice to share here and perhaps you would like to correct the info in your blog.

    Many Thanks again.


    • Hi Ugur

      You are right. For some reason, I have the statement the other way round. Many thanks for correcting me. I have updated the blog.

      Thanks again


  3. I have one doubt. In my company we have NewGL and we don´t have business Area, only Segments.
    We have one company codes, for two segments and the same chart of account.
    What I can understand is that I cannot use OKB9 for my scenario. Is it true?



    • Hi Marina

      OKB9 is default account assignment for GL Accounts that are posted automatically. For example, when you procure goods if there is a Purchase Price Variance then the system will automatically calculate and post the variance. However, if the variance is a P&L cost element, the system will not allow you to input a cost object. OKB9 will allow you to define a default cost object.

      OKB9 is relevant for your set up.


      • Thanks Rajesh!

        What I understood is that I can use only the cost center or profit that is shared for both segments.
        Because the system doesn´t know for which segment is this posting.
        I think If I had business area, I could use it to separate:
        company code X + account X + business area A = profit center A
        company code X + account X + business area B = profit center B

        Is it correct?

        But here I don´t have business Area. I think I only can use OKb9 for shared cost center and profit center.


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