Book Review – An Unexpected Twist (Andy Borowitz)

Book Review – An Unexpected Twist (Andy Borowitz)

Writing in a funny style about one’s harrowing experience is not the easiest of tasks. Andy demonstrates his consummate skill at comedy by making fun of him and of the healthcare system. The story revolves around the blotched operation (or operations) he had to clear his colon. In his own witty style, he goes about describing what we have experienced in some way or the other before. When he visits the hospital, he is asked to rate his pain.

When he rates his pain as “six”, “an enormous sense of relaxation descends upon my case as the ER staff attends to the people who said seven through ten”.
“The only word that’s worse than “triage” is “surgical” because you know something bad is about to happen”.
Then he is attended to by Du Wu who “speaks … in a very abbreviated, clipped fashion, sort of like Confucius on Twitter. Everything is like four characters and he’s out”.

Andy is not overtly critical of the systemic mishandling of his case, but at the same time makes pointed reference to the fallacies in the system and our society that rates this hospital as one of the ten best.

I totally loved reading this book. It was very short, racy and hilarious. Do not forget to follow Andy’s tweets @BorowitzReport to lighten up your stressful day.

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