Respond, don’t react

We often react during our conversation when a reasonable calm response is sufficient. We let our emotions, our feelings, and our prejudices take over what would have been a perfectly simple conversation. Engaging in meaningful (and successful) communication is an art and can be difficult at times. Responding means being receptive to the other person’s feelings and emotions. It allows…

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Book Review – An Unexpected Twist (Andy Borowitz)

Writing in a funny style about one’s harrowing experience is not the easiest of tasks. Andy demonstrates his consummate skill at comedy by making fun of him and of the healthcare system. The story revolves around the blotched operation (or operations) he had to clear his colon. In his own witty style, he goes about describing what we have experienced…

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Commitment Management in SAP #1 An Overview

Overview Commitment Management in SAP tracks future commitments against cost objects; this enables users to make a realistic comparison of actual cost plus committed cost against plan / budget on that cost object. Commitments are made when user creates purchasing documents to purchase goods or services at a future date. Comparing actual against budget is misleading unless you factor in…

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Reverse Mortgage Can Be of Help to Seniors

A large number of people go through life without making the proper arrangements for life after retirement. At the most, what they have done, is invest in a home for which they have paid off the mortgage or are near to doing so. When they approach retirement they have to depend on savings and investments to help them get through…

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