My blogs on Document Splitting re-structured

My blogs on Document Splitting re-structured

Today I re-structured all my blogs on Document Splitting. I have not changed the content or the concepts behind each blog. I merely put content into paragraphs and also put proper introductions and conclusions to all of them. When I started writing these blogs, I did not expect to have as many in the series. Each blog had a different look and feel compared to the other. I hope the blogs are now much more clearer to read and understand. I will update my slideshare presentation this week. The latest slideshare presentation will be posted on Verity webpage.



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Rajesh Shanbhag


  1. Rajesh,

    A fascinating series. I have worked with SAP for a few years – in SD & BW. Got an opportunity to switch to FI 2 weeks ago & took it. I was struggling with the concepts behind new GL; doc splitting, etc, until I found your blog.

    Thank you for making my today bright & giving me hope.

  2. Rajesh

    I would like to thank you for your series it has help me with doc splitting. I have an issue that hopefully you could comment on – We are using the New GL with Doc splitting based on Profit Centers, we are also using COPA ( both account based and cost based). When a/r discounts / write offs are posted where the A/R original posting was split between profit center the FI posting is split between the different profit centers based on % but the profit center information is not passed to the COPA posting. This results in blank profit center posting in COPA and causes issues with COPA reporting. I understand that this might not be your area but any comment about what I could try during document splitting would be great. Thank you for your help

    • Hi Liz

      What is your design for moving customer write-off from F-28 to COPA? Do you have FI to COPA active for that discount GL Account in OKB9 (TKA3A). Which means it will not derive Profit Center (rather it would post to constant profit center). In this simple scenario, I was able to split the F-28 document and also post the constant profit centre into COPA.

      Let me know if the design you have is different.


      • Hi Liz
        If you configure OKB9 with PSG only (no PC default) and configure splitting rule 1000/0001 to split based on customer lines, the split should work fine. And the COPA document will reflect the correct profit center as well. I will send screenshots of what I managed to post to FI and COPA with newGL. Let me know if you need more information



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