Here is a quick way to analyse your table contents

Here is a quick way to analyse your table contents

Did you ever want summarised statistics from a SAP table without having to download the entire table contents into another tool? Did you use SE16 (Data Browser) to count the “number of entries” in a table with/ without selection criteria. All this takes up lot of memory, not to mention it is time consuming.

An easier way to achieve this is to use Transaction Code TAANA (Table Analysis). If, for example, you want a count of how many financial documents were created by company code and fiscal year, it is much more feasible to use TAANA than SE16.
















In Transaction Code TAANA, select table BKPF and click on “execute”. A new screen pops-up that asks for a report ID. Then select the fields you want to analyse the table by – in my case I selected fields BUKRS (Company Code) and GJAHR (Fiscal Year).






















Save your report to execute in background. Do not underestimate the volume in data tables – executing in background is recommended.

Execute your report; when the system is done processing the data it will dump the summary of data contents of the table in a report format. This report can be downloaded to your local drive.
























  1. Its good article, I didn’t know about this.
    Any tips to analyze FICO Authorization from Segregatino of duty perspective?


    • Hi Nitesh

      I am not aware of FICO authorisation from SoD perspective. I have done that manually working with business and security team.



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