Watercooler Talk – 04/02/2011

Watercooler Talk – 04/02/2011

All my own thoughts, all my own opinion.

* Gillard government proposal for flood levy will avoid the over-borrowing/ overspending cycle plaguing some of the EU countries. It is far wiser for the government to “earn” additional income to disburse extra spending than borrow/ overspend. Opposition’s idea of scrapping projects like NBN is based on their prejudice rather than based on pure economic sense.

* I lay my Australian open bet (with myself) on Na Li (straight sets) and Djokovic (5-set). 29/01/2011. We now know the Fed Express is slow.

31/01 – right on Djokovic; Li seemed to lose steam second set on.

* Every time I open an Indian news website, the headlines scream of corruption (IPL, CWG, 2G). Next starts before previous is fully understood, discussed, and prosecuted. Is this country going anywhere? Why do the citizens not take to the streets like the Egyptians and demand laws be changed to bar any politician from office who has a criminal or corruption charge against him or her? Yes, I know, I know, there will be no politicians left.

* After the Queensland (AU) floods, government asked for donations. It collected $200m. Now they intend to levy a tax to collect $2b. So why ask for donations. They could levy a tax for $2.2m. Do I feel cheated?

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